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Future Rockstar

I'm a scientist, a student and a teacher. I'm in grad school so it means I get to wear a lot of different hats. Luckily, I enjoy all of it. I've been in Seattle over 3 years now. I moved up here from Portland, so it wasn't a huge cultural shift but I finally feel like I'm experiencing all those things that make Seattle unique. I enjoy the arts and music scenes here. I like the scenery and even the weather (mostly). I like to drink good coffee and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

I'm looking for a girl with a fun, spirited, outgoing personality to share adventures with. I like to learn new things, go new places and have a fun time doing it.


What is something that people are surprised to find out about you? that I took a training course on how to survive a polar bear attack.

If you could have a dinner party and invite any 4 people, dead or alive, who'd be coming? Neil Gaiman, Michio Kaku, Ernest Hemingway and Bill Hicks. I like to imagine we'd drink whiskey and listen to Beatles records.

Where do you like to hang out? Cafe Racer, the Canterbury, the Reservoir, College Inn, various breakfast spots, any place with a good shuffleboard table.

What kind of person are you attracted to? Outgoing. Adventurous. Witty. Affectionate. People who dance and sing regardless of their ability.

What's something you want to do but haven't? Visit Smith Tower. Run a marathon (only a half so far). Road trip across the country.

If I could change one thing about Seattle, it would be: less yuppies! also a basketball team wouldn't be bad either.

One book everyone should read is: Moby Dick, it's been my favorite for a long time.

One thing about Seattle I would never change is: it's spirit. I've been here over three years and I'm finally realizing how special this place is. The water, the trees, the people, the neighborhoods... I love all of it. This place has soul.

If I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be: Pizza! You can make it so many different ways.

Fill It

Something I learned from the last person I dated is just how awesome vinyl records are.

My idea of a great date is bike ride and picnic

My picture(s) reveal that I am fighting Yetis on my Rainier Beer Steed.

My guiltiest pleasure is chocolate, or bacon, but not together.

When stuck in gridlock I zip past on my bicycle.

The first section I turn to in the Stranger is Savage Love

Great sex calls for lots of sweat and noise

A fault my friends tease me about is being organized, without looking it

The quickest way to my heart is nerdiness The quickest way to my bed is witty banter And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked into a scramble, served with black coffee

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm running

When I die, I believe I will go a 24-hr diner.

Something people keep buying me for gifts and I never use is calendars

One sport I will never get is baseball

The last time I made an ass out of myself, I barfed in a movie theatre.

For delicious results, add one part bacon and mix it with one part maple syrup

Michael Jackson was amazing. I still listen to his records.

When I was a kid, I actually owned a I-Jammer

In and Out

PBR or Red Hook

Princess Leia or Princess Amidala

Early Bird or Night Owl

Black or Cream and Sugar

Surf or Snow

Library Card or Amazon

Ballard or West Seattle

Jack White or Jack Black

Vinyl or MP3

Bath or Shower

Scarecrow or Roku

Talk or Action

Crunchy or Smooth

Comet or Canlis

Bike or Bus


Current Status
Looking for
Casual Dating, Long-term Relationship
Body Type
5' 11"
Hair Type
Woman for Dating


Graduate school
Political Leanings
Grad School
Have Children
Want Children


Not cigarettes, get it?


I get around town via
Public Transportation, Bicycle
My dietary preferences are
Conscious Omnivore
I spend my free time
Reading, Sex, Drinking, Working out, Dining out, Sleeping, Communing with nature
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