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Dark.Lord Of.The Sith Seeks Wise.Warrior-Queen

If you know who the Bull of Maat is, you know who I am. In case you're wondering, I'm the guy in all black sitting at the table in the center of the photo. I always wear all black. It makes it easier to color coordinate. ;-) Like most people in my family, I look and act about ten years younger than my actual age.

Warning: Chances are, I am not the one for you. I'm a former playwright and entrepreneur who majored in philosophy, psychology, and comparative religion, and am a very reserved author and bookworm who's closed-minded to everything except truth and reason.

I love general science and science fiction/fantasy (e.g. NOVA, Marvel comics, Saturday morning cartoons, the Star Wars universe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Season 5, Red Dwarf, etc.).

I love martial arts, especially modified derivatives of the Wing Chun tradition (except Jeet Kune Do).

I love real music, you know, the kind they stopped making after the 70s. The kind of stuff made by Earth, Wind, & Fire, The Stylistics, The Delfonics, The O'Jays, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, Prince, etc. I also like Bossa Nova music. If it's mellow, it's me.

Artistically speaking, in addition to having written plays and poetry, I used to play the trumpet, alto saxophone, piano, and have had an undying interest in photography that's never been adequately pursued.

My life is committed to truth, global liberty, and global justice. So, as an author, I'm involved in a lot of research and writing and am not a very fun guy to be around although I will break my silence to share my silly sense of humor with anyone who gets to know me. My commitment is to justice rather than democracy, economic equality rather than capitalism or socialism. What do I mean by all of that? You'll find out upon request whenever we finally meet and chat.

My diet is mainly vegetarian as I treat flesh as a delicacy rather than as a staple. Even so, whenever I do happen to partake of the flesh, it's only from kosher animals. No pork, shrimp, crab, clams, catfish, lobster, oysters, rabbit, etc.

Whenever I can spare it, I love sharing food with crows. I also like feeding squirrels whenever I have some nuts and a glove. Due to having been bitten by one years ago, I never feed them without a glove. With the sole exception of a single neurotic feline that didn't like males, cats and I have always gotten along real well.

My idea of a great date is just hanging out casually as romantic friends. Nothing special or fancy. Ya wanna eat? Let's go out to Ivar's, or order some pizzas, or have a waterfront picnic, or better yet, let's just stay in and fix dinner together and in the morning I'll fix you breakfast.

Ya wanna party? Count me out unless you wanna take the time to teach me how to slow dance with you. I don't dance but for you I'm certainly willing to learn.

Ya wanna play chess? Have patience with me as I haven't played in over 10 years.

I appreciate silence when there's nothing significant to be said so don't expect me to blabber on and on.

Due to a past of writing screenplays, I can be very critical of any movie or tv show we see, often predicting the lines and where things are headed and how unrealistic certain events are portrayed. So, you'll have to tell me to be quiet if it bothers you. I suggest turning to me with a heavy sigh, stating my name, and giving me a passionate kiss.

If you capture my heart, I'll probably write you poetry. But you wouldn't want that, now would you?

Since I'm probably not the one for you, you're probably not the one for me either. If you're just looking for some action, that's fine. I've got a libido the size of Jupiter and we can do a lot of things together. But if you need to degrade me or be degraded or tie me up, forget it. We need to be in a long-term relationship before I'll even consider something like that.

For a friend with benefits, I'm just looking for a health conscious woman to play house with as your surrogate husband. I'm here for you whenever you want to spend a pleasant evening or weekend at home or abroad, whenever you want to run errands or just take a walk, whenever you want an escort to an event or just need someone to listen to you or help you think through whatever is important to you. I'm here for you to relax with and to keep you company.

For a long-term relationship, I'm looking for someone who's either an analytical, adventurous, woman or a warrior queen; i.e. someone who doesn't just complain about the evils in the world but is set on a course of action of actually doing something about them. I'm not talking about your run of the mill activist who protests and petitions for change. I'm talking about someone who's willing to fight fire with fire from a position of financial power. If transnational corporations are exploiting Third World labor with slave wages, a warrior queen will start her own offshore transnational corporation and sacrifice profit to pay First World wages to Third World labor thereby raising their standard of living and impairing the ability of the exploiting corporations to find cheap labor. She would also form a transnational credit union to finance Third World entrepreneurship. I'm looking for someone who's intelligent and ambitious in championing the cause for global justice, a proactive person rather than a passive protester. In short, I'm looking for a woman who's both intellectually and physically self-confident, who may or may not be a warrior queen.

Is that you?

If interested in any of the above (including being just friends), send me a flirt.


What is something that people are surprised to find out about you? That I'm not really the Dark Lord of the Sith ;-) That I'm actually an ordained minister (ordained through one of those "we don't care what you believe in" internet churches although I haven't told anyone about it so no one can really be surprised). That I actually am still religious (my religion being Jhuty - the Devotion to the accumulation and application of Knowledge for the Prevention of Unnecessary Misfortune). That, when I'm not in uniform, I always wear all black (not because I'm making a statement but because I damn well like it). That, although I never underwent formal training, I used to be heavily into Ninjitsu from my late teens to early twenties and still remember how to make various poisons from the parts of common plants for a variety of results (such as inducing temporary blindness or causing cardiac arrest). That I'm developing my own non-classical Wing Chun martial art called Jitana (Ji Ta Na; Intercept-Strike-Lock). That I'm developing my own indicators and expert advisors for trading in the forex market. That I've already lost $16,000 to the forex market in a very short time. That, due to the irresponsible acts of a former friend and business partner, I've been legally responsible for paying off over $30,000 in credit card charges charged to my name but have always declined to pay off even a cent of it. That I learned to drive at the age of six (taught by my father at the ballpark parking lot that is now Eagle's on Rainier) but haven't driven since the age of sixteen when I took driver's ed. That I used to be the manager of a hiphop group back in the mid 80s known as the Inner City Breakers aka the I. C. (or Icy) Breakers. That even though I'm right 99% of the time, I don't know everything. That I DO SMILE! That I have a sense of humor totally contrary to the seriousness of my overall stoic nature (imagine Mr. Spock with a nonchalant yet sometimes erratic "Mork from Ork" sense of humor or, for our younger viewers, imagine the Brain with the sporatic silliness of Pinky). That I hate Marge Simpson and plan on killing her someday. That I own a large flat screen Panasonic tv that's seldom on (hey, I like what I like and when it's not on, neither is the tv). That I'm in the process of starting a new business (bakery) marketing diabetic safe foods of my own creation. That, until I was diagnosed as having diabetes, I had loved to eat hot buttered popcorn with honey put on it and loved to eat cottage cheese as a dip for ruffled potato chips. That I had only drank juice with an equal amount of water added (maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending on the juice). That I had loved mixtures of ginger beer and root beer or ginger beer and cream soda. That I've only had a single glass of beer in my entire life and couldn't even finish it as I couldn't stand it no matter how hard I tried. That instead of starting to drink upon turning 21, I actually quit social drinking since I never really liked it and no longer saw the point once it was legal. That I quit drinking altogether at the age of 26 when I ceased religious observance of biblical tradition and therefore ceased having a glass of wine at the three major feasts. (For all you drinkers out there, I sincerely hope my not drinking isn't a problem for you. After all, to have sex, only one of us needs to be drunk ;-) That I maintain my own personal enjoyment of the Sabbath, albeit for non-religious reasons. That I keep a lunar-solar kalendar that numbers the solar days from day 0 on the vernal equinox to day 364 (or 365 in a leap year) and has 13 month names for the word 'moon' from 12 indigenous nations around the world (and yes, I spell kalendar with a 'k' instead of with a 'c'). That I acknowledge there to be six seasons in a year (not just four). That I record my age in days, weeks, months, and years, beginning from the date of my conception and do so in both the base ten Indian numeral system and the base twelve Jhuty numeral system (consequently, the given age in my profile is in accordance with my conception date). That I don't believe in 'daylight savings time' (referring to it as 'hour early time'). That I relate daily time through military expression but substitute 24:00 with 0:00 and say 'o'clock' rather than 'hundred hours'. That I believe in a standard work-rest cycle confined to the cycle of the lunar month with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 27th days off and a six hour work day from 8:00 - 16:00 (or 9:00 - 17:00 during hour early time) consisting of three hours of work followed by a two hour break for lunch and a nap followed by the remaining three hours of work. That I believe everyone should get a two month vacation at the end of a full year of work (thereby causing a person's vacation time to migrate through the year allowing the person to experience vacation time in every season). That I'm no stranger to manual labor (having years of experience since childhood working for my father as an electrician's apprentice). That I'm currently living with my mother (as I'm saving up thousands of dollars for both business and investments by eliminating living expenses. So, we can't spend any time at my place and if you can't understand a man in his early 50s need to do what it takes to finally be financially free and truly get ahead in life, you'll need to move on to the next profile). That I've had no serious offline social life for the past eight years and that I'm very sexually innocent for a person my age (I'm practically a virgin!). Due to a previous religious lifestyle, there is one BIG thing that people are surprised to find out about me that a lot of women find very arousing about me while others are turned off by it. You'll never guess what it is (no, I was never a pornstar named "Dick Thick" and if anyone says otherwise, I'll just deny it) but I'll certainly reveal it to you upon getting to know you. [Again, if you're in any way interested in me, send me a flirt. Without a flirt, I can't possibly know you're interested in me and, like all of the other smarter guys on Lovelab, won't risk my hard earned money contacting women just to find out they're not interested. A flirt is FREE (i.e. the "I don't have a paid membership" excuse doesn't work) so record your voice and get in the game. If, however, you have reciprocated a flirt and I haven't contacted you, it's only because I'm currently seeking to pay for my account by means other than with a credit card. So hang in there, I'm not ignoring you. Hopefully, by the time you've finished reading my profile, I'll have achieved three objectives. I will have inspired you with a different perspective on life. I will have informed you of music you'd like to hear or of a book or a movie you'd like to see. But most important of all, I will have made you laugh. If I succeed in making you laugh, I'd really like to see your lovely smile in person. So, send that flirt or an email and get us one step closer to sharing in your beautiful smile. I promise, if you show me yours, I'll certainly show you mine.]

If you could have a dinner party and invite any 4 people, dead or alive, who'd be coming? All four of the strange voices in my head (except the one named Sally, she's just plain rude). But if none of them could make it, I'd invite Malik Shabazz, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Jesse Glover, Li Jun Fan, Sun Tzu, Michio Kaku, Albert Einstein, Richard Elliott Friedman, Donald B. Redford, Israel Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, John Perkins, Bill Bixby, Yul Brynner, Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Michael Jackson, LJ Jaxon, Sabriah Rahimah, Raqib Muied, my first mentor S.C.C.C. psychology professor Art Keim, my remaining mentor U.W. Jewish studies professor Martin Jaffee, and *YOU*. I would never allow myself to be limited to just four. Of course someone, perhaps Li Jun Fan or maybe even Jesse Glover, would have to translate for Sun Tzu or else he'd just be sitting there wondering what the hell is going on. [Is that a smile on your face? Did you laugh at the bit about strange voices in my head? I thought you might. By the way, Sally says "Hi" but please don't trust her. It's just a ruse to gain your confidence.] If, however, I had to narrow it down to just four, it would have to be Malik Shabazz, Jesse Glover, Michio Kaku, and Richard Elliott Friedman. The only problem is, some of these folks are a package deal. If I invite Malik Shabazz, then Marcus Garvey, Sabriah Rahimah, and Raqib Muied have got to be there. If I invite Jesse Glover, then Li Jun Fan has got to be there. If I invite Michio Kaku, then Albert Einstein has got to be there. And if I invite Richard Elliott Friedman, then Martin Jaffee, Donald B. Redford, and Israel Finkelstein have got to be there. Then there are folks like George Lane, Gerald Appel, Welles Wilder, and John Bollinger, who I didn't even mention before because they would only be invited to a secret Masters of the Universe dinner party. Of course, if I'm at the main dinner party, then you've got to be there as well so that's twelve people not including you and myself. Just don't anoint my feet. I wouldn't want it turning out to be my Last Supper.

Where do you like to hang out? Online: I can be found at a variety of yahoogroups such as LegacyofColonialism, privacy-forum, biblical-studies, Wadjat_News, and sometimes at AncientBibleHistory, Amun, ANE-2, Native_Alliance, and events-calendar. I also always check out the news at Truthout. Offline: I can sometimes be found at the Suzzallo-Allen Library, the University Bookstore, the Seattle Public Library, Pacific Place Barnes and Noble, Westlake Center, the Madison Market, and various places on Broadway including Seattle Central Community College where I visit old professor friends and check on the BSU. I used to go to Golden Age Collectables at the Public Market and to the Contour once a week to see "The Soul Shop". Way back when I used to have an offline social life, I used to spend an unhealthy amount of time at the Mecca International and previously at Blackbirds Books and the Life Enrichment Bookstore. On a February 1st, March 31st, July 19th, or November 27th, you might see me up at Volunteer Park in the cemetary paying my respects to Jesse Glover, Sifu Li & Brandon.

What kind of person are you attracted to? Horny strippers. They're so direct. Even more so than hookers. Especially SINnamon. She's just fantas...uh...as I was saying...I'm attracted to a person who's direct, honest, adventurous, dynamic, ambitious, imaginative, intellectual, proactively self-defending, self-sufficient, unconventional, eccentric, uninhibited in the enjoyment of personal freedom, non-Eurocentric, and passionate for justice. An AGGRESSIVE, INTELLECTUAL, HUMANITARIAN woman, is the most arousing kind of person for me; someone who exudes charm and self-confidence, especially if she's educated and either a business owner or in a managerial position (i.e. an EDUCATED WOMAN IN AN OCCUPATIONAL POSITION OF CONTROL). In a nutshell, EDUCATION & INDEPENDENCE is what really grabs me. Someone who's ASSERTIVE yet HUMBLE, INTELLECTUAL yet physically ADVENTUROUS. True to my nature, my ring finger is longer than my index finger (you'll have to be acquainted with "Digit Ratio" by Dr. John T. Manning of Rutgers University to know the significance of that), so naturally, I'm attracted to women who are as logical, decisive, and ambitious, as myself. However, my specific greatest attraction would be to INTELLECTUAL, FINANCIALLY AMBITIOUS women who are proficient in a MARTIAL ART (well wha'd ya expect a Sith Lord to be attracted to?). ULTIMATELY, I'M LOOKING FOR A GODDESS ENGAGED IN THE CREATION OF THE WORLD (AS WE ARE CURRENTLY IN THE TIME OF PRIMORDIAL CHAOS) WHO PURSUES IMMORTALITY AND SEEKS TO ACHIEVE ETERNAL LIFE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY. A woman of truly mythic proportions to match my own grandiose aspirations. However, even if you're not the warrior queen I perhaps unrealistically fantasize about finding, AN ANALYTICAL ADVENTUROUS WOMAN is really all I'm looking for (i.e. a Space Age, female, Sinbad). As I most strongly identify with the god of science and justice (as seen from my photos) a love for SCIENCE is perhaps the single greatest turn-on for me although being a SELF-DEFENSE ENTHUSIAST is probably just as much a turn-on (so, if you love M-THEORY and WING CHUN, we can get married right on the spot!). However, my thing doesn't have to be your thing. I truly only require someone who's analytical and adventurous rather than science-loving and combative. I'm a solution oriented person who's always either trying to solve the mysteries of the universe or trying to solve the health and social issues of humanity so that's what I look for the most in a woman. Essentially, I'M JUST AN ANALYTICAL/ADVENTUROUS INTROVERT SEEKING ANOTHER ANALYTICAL/ADVENTUROUS INTROVERT. Being an only child is also a great bonus for compatability. So that's the kind of woman I'm most attracted to but I'm certainly not a one kind of woman kind of guy. In addition to subtle and sophisticated types, I also like the sweet and shy types and even a stoic woman like the character Lilith on Cheers could easily capture my heart. Actually, especially a stoic woman. Someone who's quite at home with my Mr. Spock/Shang-Chi/Norrin Radd personality. However, energetic and fun-loving women who are perhaps a little bit mischievous are also very appealing to me in bringing out the kid in me and in just getting me out and about. Being able to share in her company in practicing yoga or as a partner in practicing chi-sao would certainly be a great bonus. A SELF-DEFENSE INSTRUCTOR WOULD BE PERFECT. In essence, I need someone who would love to take me by the hand and show me the other side of life. Of course, as a male, I do have a bit of a thing for 'bad girls'. I mean really, really, bad girls who appeal to my dark side. Fictionally speaking, I just adore characters such as Drusilla, Lilah Morgan, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, and especially the characters Darla (no, not the girl from "Little Rascals") and Irina Derevko. Basic evil queen characters like the White Witch of Narnia, Glorificus, and Illyria, are especially adorable as well. Realistically speaking, well let's face it, there aren't any lovable really bad girls in the real world. Not unless you're a domineering, selfish, user, such as a very ambitious, sexually manipulative, back-stabbing, stripper, working your way through college while preparing yourself for a career in the corporate business world. And even then, how bad could you really be? No, seriously, I really wanna find out. So long as you're not some callous murderer or a lawyer, you can't be all that bad. Bad girls are a great idea in fantasy but never in reality unless it's an intelligent bad girl (like a lawyer) who just happens to have your back i.e. the perfect apprentice for a Sith Lord such as myself ;-) In fact, in looking for a warrior queen who's willing to fight fire with fire to advance her own interests, I'm looking for someone with the essence of a bad girl. Someone who knows the value of power and isn't afraid to use it (having the understanding that power gets things done while powerlessness only complains about what power is doing). A Selena Kyle type of woman who can aggressively defend herself and our loved ones in my absence and competently have my back in my presence. But I know that's a rare kind of woman, and until I find her, I'm certainly willing to enjoy myself with any special woman who's willing to enjoy herself with me. Which brings me to a question...to all of you women for whom great sex requires lots of eye contact, I was just wondering, doesn't that cause an awful lot of strain on your neck? ;-) I'm just kidding...well, sort've.

How far will you travel to meet the right person? "Ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough, To keep me from getting to you, babe." In other words, I would travel 186,282.397 miles for you in a second, but no further. I have my limits. However, if you should happen to be living near me on Capitol Hill, looking at my profile on yet another lonely Friday or Saturday night without sending me a flirt, shame on you! You know I'm available for keeping you company or for morning and afternoon walks (rain or shine) exploring our wonderful neighborhood or perhaps even just accompanying you grocery shopping. For you, there's simply no excuse. If things were really that promising for you and Dirk (or whoever the hell else it is whose profile you're also looking at), ya wouldn't keep coming back here to review the Sith Lord. After all, Dirk will never be as interesting in person as he is in his profile and considering how little he wrote about himself, that's just pathetic! I at least go out of my way to reveal as much as I can about myself, using as much space as I can fill. In fact, here's a little more about me. According to the Briggs-Myers approach, my personality type is ISTJ although the Briggs-Myers approach is not a scientifically valid approach. However, according to research by Dr. Fisher of Rutgers University, my personality type is: Director / Builder. According to Dr. Fisher, this means that I am an independent thinker who builds theories and approaches problems with an analytical, exacting, systematic and resourceful mind. With my persistence, logic and determination, I tend to find innovative solutions to complex problems. I am particularly good with technical problems, those of mechanics, engineering, math, medicine, accounting, music or other "rule based" systems. Although I enjoy being part of a stable, secure social network, I easily spend time alone, pursuing my own projects and goals at my own speed, according to my own rules. I can focus my attention to the exclusion of all around me and I have a deep sense of autonomy. I am a private person; I contain my emotions. I am also calm, efficient, quick to make decisions and remarkably self-disciplined. Yet I have a traditional, even sentimental streak. Family is important to me and I can be very protective of those I love. Because I am ambitious, tough-minded and hardworking, my close friends admire me. In return, I can be fiercely loyal and protective of all those I love. Yet my complex personality is often hidden behind a wall of composure and logic. As a Director, I admire and collect knowledge; so I want a partner with whom I can have focused, educated, and often theoretical discussions on intellectual topics - a mind mate. I am direct and tough-minded, too. So I am attracted to someone who can complement me -someone who is verbally graceful, who weighs alternatives carefully and listens actively, and has well-honed social skills. Because I contain my emotions, I also gravitate to a mate who is warm and emotionally expressive. Yet I do not like people who engage in public displays of emotion, showing lack of self-containment. Because I have difficulty tolerating controlling people, I need a mate who is flexible, even indecisive. I particularly admire a partner who is self-sufficient and I like a mate who is eager to help me make a stable home and maintain my public, business, and social ties. So, that's what Dr. Fisher's research says about me. Now, I don't know if I agree with absolutely ALL of that but even if I'm only half as interesting in person as my profile is, I'm still far more than twice as interesting as 'Dirk'. (Besides, I hear these model pretty boy types are just undercover gigolos anyway. Now, I don't know if that's true...I'm just saying...ya know? Ya never know what Dirk may really be into. But if anybody should ask, you ain't heard it from me. Okay?) So send an email letting me know where and when we can take that walk together and be sure to bring your smile. I really wanna see that smile. Yeah, that's the one! The one you're doing right now! That's the one I wanna see when we go for a walk! Bring it! I get excited just thinking about it. So, make my day. Bring your beautiful smile and enchant me with the charm of your heart.

What's something you want to do but haven't? A.) Kill Marge Simpson (I hate that bitch). B.) Well, I'd certainly like to try that having sex thing again. It seems really great! C.) Bring about a better world through the promotion of a new civilization (i.e. Jhuty Civilization). Envision a green society governed by the primary law of preventing unnecessary misfortune. Envision a society administered by merit-appointed judicial officials who serve in rotation for one year out of seven. Envision a society in which all decisions are made by consensus and no decision can pass in which a single person is to be wronged. Envision a society in which all sovereign citizens at the level for which a law or a judgement will apply are entitled to review each decision to ensure its correctness or revoke it upon finding fault. Envision a society in which all sovereign citizens are trained in law-enforcement and stand prepared in the county organized militia to deal with any illegal acts of state. Envision a society in which each family possesses a standard city block of land for subsistence agricultural and commercial use that can never be government appropriated or sold but only traded with another family for the equivalent amount of land. Envision a society composed of agrarian micropolitan cities in which the land passes from mothers to daughters and only women can occupy the highest executive office at the municipal and national levels. Envision a society in which a person's family name comes first and is composed of their mother's matrilineal family name followed by their father's patrilineal family name. Envision a society with a 16.66% sales tax and no income or property taxes. Envision a society with free universal health care and free higher education. Envision a clothing-optional society in which an adult's right to attire themselves as they please, ingest whatever they please, and have consensual adult sex with whomever they please, is protected along with a right to privacy. Envision a society that utilizes measurements based upon a system of truly universal fundamental units. Envision a society that utilizes a base twelve numeral system and a language composed of consonant-vowel pattern words from languages throughout the world. Envision a society utilizing a kalendar beginning from a date near the end of the Ice Age with month names from twelve different cultures. In short, envision a society without homelessness, poverty, rampant crime, government tyranny, ethnocentrism, or the disenfranchisement of women. Envision Jhuty Civilization. Preceding all of that, I'd like to start a transnational corporation and transnational credit union with it's own private currency to aid Third World members in their international trade and commerce with each other as well as with all other members. [We can never change the world if we continue to subject ourselves to the socially enslaving economic institutions of the exploitative elites. True freedom requires proactive economic independence, not passive petitioning and protesting for democratic change. A standard democracy only enslaves a society to the socio-political conflicts of organized corruption arising from the competition of conflicting interests. Without a true commitment for the greater good, true freedom can never exist in a standard democracy.] Freedom can never exist where social justice is subject to a vote and public representatives are free to serve private interests. Freedom can only exist where justice is law and all able-bodied citizens are involved in its assurance. The question is, do people truly desire to be free? ["A people enslaves itself, cuts its own throat, when, having a choice between being vassals and being free men, it deserts its liberties and takes on the yoke, gives consent to its own misery, or, rather, apparently welcomes it." "Liberty is the only joy upon which men do not seem to insist; for surely if they really wanted it they would receive it." "It is incredible how as soon as a people becomes subject, it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it, obeying so easily and so willingly that one is led to say, on beholding such a situation, that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement." "It is said that Mithridates trained himself to drink poison. Like him we learn to swallow, and not to find bitter, the venom of servitude." -Etienne de la Boetie (The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude); "all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." -Declaration of Independence; "From the conclusion of this war we shall be going downhill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will forget themselves, but in the sole faculty of making money, and will never think of uniting to effect a due respect for their rights. The shackles, therefore, which shall not be knocked off at the conclusion of this war, will remain on us long, will be made heavier and heavier, till our rights shall revive or expire in a convulsion." -Thomas Jefferson (Notes on the State of Virginia); "Experience has taught us, that men will not adopt and carry into execution measures the best calculated for their own good, without the intervention of a coercive power." -George Washington; "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them" -Frederick Douglass; "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." -George Bernard Shaw; “In all revolutions, those who ardently pursue the fight to the death are in the minority and there are usually at least as many who are ardently anti-revolutionary, plus an actual majority that is apathetic and will go where they are led (in either direction), if necessary, but who best prefer to be left alone.” -Isaac Asimov; "All exploitation is based on co-operation, willing or forced, of the exploited. However much we may detest admitting it, the fact remains that there would be no exploitation if people refused to obey the exploiter. But self comes in and we hug the chains that bind us." -Mahatma Gandhi; "The greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -Stephen Biko] Wherever people are compelled by either survival or coercion to work throughout life for anyone other than themselves, be it for individuals (capitalism) or for the state (communism), such people are not free. Wherever people can only procure income or property on the condition of paying taxes for such rights, the entity to receive such taxes is the actual owner of the labor and property from which the people merely rent the privilege of use. Wherever people are restricted to electing representatives whose collective decisions are not subject to the collective review and revocation of the people, such people are in subjection to their government and to any corporate interests to control it. Wherever people are deterred from organizing an official body of armed defense against illegal acts of state, such people are subject to any level of criminal violence from the state and of any coercion the state may freely apply. Wherever there are people belonging to democracies perpetuating any of these abridgments of freedom, such people are not free. True freedom comes only with justice and self-sufficiency, not democracy. [Be free and perhaps we can work together towards liberating the world, not for the world's sake, but for our own sake and for the few who truly desire to be free.] "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Goethe

What songs would be on the soundtrack of your life? "Fantasy" by Earth, Wind, & Fire is my overall theme song. My childhood growing up song is "Children of the Ghetto" by Philip Bailey. "Be My Love" by Earth, Wind, & Fire is my young adult pursuit of first love song. "Condition of the Heart" by Prince is my young adult heart break song. "A Love of Your Own" by the Average White Band would be my heart break recovery song while "For Every Heart That's Been Broken, Two Have Been In Love" by Philip Bailey would be her heart break recovery song. My own song "Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends" would express the intimidation of moving beyond a loving friendship into a committed relationship while the songs "Trapped" by Philip Bailey and "Could It Be Right" by Earth, Wind, & Fire would express the decision of finally moving forward into a committed relationship. Making love to the future love of my life for the first time would be "Love's Holiday" by Earth, Wind, & Fire. Her acceptance of marriage on the day of my proposal to her would be "United Together" by Aretha Franklin and making love to her that night would be "Lady of My Life" by Michael Jackson. "Adore" by Prince would be our wedding march song. "Betcha By Golly Wow" by the Stylistics would be the reception wedding song expressing my feelings for my bride while "I'd Rather Have You" by Earth, Wind, & Fire would express my bride's feelings for me. "Betcha By Golly Wow" would also express our feelings in watching the growth of our long awaited child. The theme song from "Game of Death" would be my victorious struggle song. And alas, my end song would be "Kill The Wabbit" by Elmer Fudd ;-)

Who’s someone you’d like to be trapped in a confined space with? Well now that really depends upon the situation, now doesn't it? Are we talking large elevator or phone booth? Small bathroom or caved in mine shaft? Just what exactly are the dimensions of this confined space? And what's the situation? Are we gonna make it out alive or are we gonna die? Is it gonna be awhile or just a short time? All of this matters. If we're gonna die, I would want the entire Bush regime trapped with me (if they could all fit). If we're gonna live and it's the space of say a phone booth or a small bathroom and it's gonna be awhile, well let's face it, I could spend a lot of quality time with someone like Adriana Sage...a LOT of quality time! But if we're stuck in an elevator and aren't going to end up plummeting to our deaths or having to use the bathroom before we're rescued, *YOU* would be the perfect person to be trapped with. Of course, if you'd like to step in for Adriana Sage in the other situation, that would be fine too. [Now, just to be clear on something...I have never met Adriana Sage and therefore have never done any work with Ms. Sage (or anyone else for that matter) in the adult film industry under the screen name of "Dick Thick". That ain't me! I just wanna be clear about that.]

My radio dial is usually tuned to: probably some easy listening station. I really don't know as I haven't listened to my radio for about 10 years now. Ya see, we had a bit of a falling out. IT KNOWS WHAT IT DID AND THE TOASTER DOES TOO! Although, it was nothing like that scandal involving the dish running off with the spoon. That was just CRAZY! [Ahhh, there's that wonderful smile again! Am I charming you? Are you finding me humorous? Well, you know what to do. Until then, here are some classic 70s lyrics to groove to. You'll have to remember who they're by on your own although, considering my taste in music, you should already have a pretty big clue: We know it's been time talking to you, So we figure we lay it on you. Let you know how we feel about love. Hmmm... Paint a pretty smile each day. Lovin is a blessing (yeah). Never let it fade away. It's all about love. Build yourself a true romance. There's beauty that surround you (yeah). You deserve just one more chance. My dear, my dear! Let the light shine all through your mind. Feel your little heart a glow. Take the time, make up your mind. It's all about love. Talking to yourself is fine. Makes you feel much better. Know just where to draw the line. My dear, my dear! Bound to fall in love one day. Surely and you need it. Pretty smile will always say... It's all about love. We want to take this moment to run down a couple of things about things we see everyday. Now, I want you to stop whatever you're doing. Just stop! 'Cause I wanna rap with you. You know they say there's beauty in the eyes which I say is not the fact 'cause you are as beautiful as your thoughts, right on? You know for instance, we study all kinds of cults, sciences, astrology, mysticism, world religion, and so forth you dig. And like uh, coming from a hip place, all these things help because they give you an insight to your inner self, have mercy! Now, there's an outer self we got to deal with. The one that likes to go to parties, one that likes to dress up, be cool, look pretty, all ego-trips avel all this. Hear you all, I'm trying to tell you, you gotta love you. You gotta love all the beautiful things around, the trees, the birds, and if there ain't no beauty, you gotta make some beauty. Have mercy! Listen to me, Yeah!]

Top Five Songs You Play For Your Friends? Top Five When You're By Yourself? Why would I play songs for friends? They have their own musical tastes. I only play for myself songs like "Flashing Lights" (Kanye West), "The Dance" (Prince), "Taste of Your Love" (EU), "You" (Earth, Wind, & Fire), "Betcha By Golly Wow" (Stylistics), "I Want You" (Marvin Gaye), "Hello" (Isley Brothers), "One Day In Your Life" (Jackson Five), "A Love of Your Own" (Average White Band), "I Like The Way You Move" (Earth, Wind, & Fire), "People Make The World Go Round" (Stylistics), "Looking Through The Window" (J5), etc.

If I could change one thing about Seattle, it would be: the climate. Barring global warming, Seattle with a subtropical climate would be great. However, the climate in Seattle is pretty much irrelevant for me as my passion for global liberty/justice dictates that I eventually leave the country most opposed to it and relocate to a region that needs it the most such as a tropical African nation. This American opposition to global liberty/justice is discussed by John Perkins in "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption" and by Noam Chomsky in "Starving the Poor". [The chaos that derives from the so-called international order can be painful if you are on the receiving end of the power that determines that order’s structure. Even tortillas come into play in the ungrand scheme of things. Recently, in many regions of Mexico, tortilla prices jumped by more than 50 per cent. In January, in Mexico City, tens of thousands of workers and farmers rallied in the Zocalo, the city’s central square, to protest the skyrocketing cost of tortillas. In response, the government of President Felipe Calderon cut a deal with Mexican producers and retailers to limit the price of tortillas and corn flour, very likely a temporary expedient. In part the price-hike threat to the food staple for Mexican workers and the poor is what we might call the ethanol effect — a consequence of the US stampede to corn-based ethanol as an energy substitute for oil, whose major wellsprings, of course, are in regions that even more grievously defy international order. In the United States, too, the ethanol effect has raised food prices over a broad range, including other crops, livestock and poultry. The connection between instability in the Middle East and the cost of feeding a family in the Americas isn’t direct, of course. But as with all international trade, power tilts the balance. A leading goal of US foreign policy has long been to create a global order in which US corporations have free access to markets, resources and investment opportunities. The objective is commonly called “free trade,” a posture that collapses quickly on examination. It’s not unlike what Britain, a predecessor in world domination, imagined during the latter part of the 19th century, when it embraced free trade, after 150 years of state intervention and violence had helped the nation achieve far greater industrial power than any rival. The United States has followed much the same pattern. Generally, great powers are willing to enter into some limited degree of free trade when they’re convinced that the economic interests under their protection are going to do well. That has been, and remains, a primary feature of the international order. The ethanol boom fits the pattern. As discussed by agricultural economists C Ford Runge and Benjamin Senauer in the current issue of Foreign Affairs, “the biofuel industry has long been dominated not by market forces but by politics and the interests of a few large companies,” in large part Archer Daniels Midland, the major ethanol producer. Ethanol production is feasible thanks to substantial state subsidies and very high tariffs to exclude much cheaper and more efficient sugar-based Brazilian ethanol. In March, during President Bush’s trip to Latin America, the one heralded achievement was a deal with Brazil on joint production of ethanol. But Bush, while spouting free-trade rhetoric for others in the conventional manner, emphasized forcefully that the high tariff to protect US producers would remain, of course along with the many forms of government subsidy for the industry. Despite the huge, taxpayer-supported agricultural subsidies, the prices of corn — and tortillas — have been climbing rapidly. One factor is that industrial users of imported US corn increasingly purchase cheaper Mexican varieties used for tortillas, raising prices. The 1994 US-sponsored NAFTA agreement may also play a significant role, one that is likely to increase. An unlevel-playing-field impact of NAFTA was to flood Mexico with highly subsidised agribusiness exports, driving Mexican producers off the land. Mexican economist Carlos Salas reviews data showing that after a steady rise until 1993, agricultural employment began to decline when NAFTA came into force, primarily among corn producers — a direct consequence of NAFTA, he and other economists conclude. One-sixth of the Mexican agricultural work force has been displaced in the NAFTA years, a process that is continuing, depressing wages in other sectors of the economy and impelling emigration to the US. It is, presumably, more than coincidental that President Clinton militarised the Mexican border, previously quite open, in 1994, along with implementation of NAFTA. The “free trade” regime drives Mexico from self-sufficiency in food towards dependency on US exports. And as the price of corn goes up in the United States, stimulated by corporate power and state intervention, one can anticipate that the price of staples may continue its sharp rise in Mexico. Increasingly, bio fuels are likely to “starve the poor” around the world, according to Runge and Senauer, as staples are converted to ethanol production for the privileged — cassava in sub-Saharan Africa, to take one ominous example. Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, tropical forests are cleared and burned for oil palms destined for bio fuel, and there are threatening environmental effects from input-rich production of corn-based ethanol in the United States as well. The high price of tortillas and other, crueler vagaries of the international order illustrate the interconnectedness of events, from the Middle East to the Middle West, and the urgency of establishing trade based on true democratic agreements among people, and not interests whose principal hunger is for profit for corporate interests protected and subsidised by the state they largely dominate, whatever the human cost.] So, in light of my commitment to liberty/justice, if I could really change one thing about Seattle, it would be to restore the land to the Duwamish Nation. [Don't ya just hate it when folks invade your land, decimate your people, won't recognize you for a reservation, and then have the nerve to complain about the traffic? "with liberty and justice for" who???]

One book everyone should read is: The Bible, it's hilarious! Talking snakes, global floods, patriarchs who prostitute their wives to foreign kings, holy people who commit genocide and land theft at their god's command, an adulterous murdering king beloved by his god and made into a heroic standard against which all others were to be judged, the Bible has got it all! But if ancient Near Eastern mythology isn't your thing, "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" and "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do" would be my #1 recommendations, that is, aside from my own books: THE TWELVE CONTRADICTIONS: A Straightforward, Brutally Honest Look At The Bible, Xristianity, And The Inerrancy Perspective; ORIGINS OF FAITH: Uncovering the Origins of Judaism and Xristianity; MAAT: A Modernized Revival of the Ancient Endeavor for Social Harmony. [To get some idea of what my book MAAT is about, simply review the very wordy section above pertaining to something I want to do but haven't. If possible, you can also check out an article I wrote some time ago called "Blind Loyalty to an Empire of Greed" published in the "Green Socialist" (Issue #26, Winter 2003, ISSN 1741-5497).] However, if you never get a chance to read any of my books, here's a list of other books I recommend at the back of MAAT: ON THE EGYPTIAN LANGUAGE- "A Concise Dictionary Of Middle Egyptian" (1962) by Raymond O. Faulkner, Griffith Institute; "Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction" (1995) by Antonio Loprieno, Cambridge University Press; "English-Egyptian Index Of Faulkner’s Concise Dictionary Of Middle Egyptian" (1977) by David Shennum, Undena Publications; "Egyptian Grammar" (1957) by Sir Alan Gardiner, Griffith Institute; "Introduction To Sahidic Coptic" (1983) by Thomas O. Lambdin, Mercer University Press; "Reconstructing Proto-Afroasiatic" (1995) by Christopher Ehret, University of California Press; ON THE LEGACY OF EGYPT- "Ancient Egypt" (2003) by Lorna Oakes and Lucia Gahlin, Barnes & Noble Inc.; "Egypt, Canaan, And Israel In Ancient Times" (1992) by Donald B. Redford, Princeton University Press; "Egypt: The World Of The Pharaohs" (1998) by Regine Shulz, Matthias Seidel, Konemann; "The Secret Lore Of Egypt: Its Impact On The West" (2001) by Erik Hornung, Cornell University Press; ON RELIGION- "Amos Among The Prophets" (1981) by Robert B. Coote, Fortress Press; "Hellenosemitica" (1967) by Michael C. Astour, Leiden, E.J. Brill; "New Testament Fundamentals" (1994) by Stevan L. Davies, Polebridge Press; "The Ancient Gods Speak: A Guide To Egyptian Religion" (2002) by Donald B. Redford, Oxford University Press; "The Bible Unearthed" (2002) by Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman, Touchstone; "The Bible With Sources Revealed" (2003) by Richard Elliott Friedman, Harper San Francisco; "The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt" (2003) by Richard H. Wilkinson, Thames & Hudson; "The Egyptian Book Of The Dead: The Book Of Going Forth By Day" (1994) by James Wasserman, Chronicle Books; "The Hidden Book In The Bible" (1998) by Richard Elliott Friedman, Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.; "Who Wrote The Bible?" (1987) by Richard Elliott Friedman, Harper & Row Publishers, Inc.; "Who Wrote The Gospels?" (1997) by Randel McCraw Helms, Millennium Press; ON WORLD DISORDER- "Rethinking Globalization" (2002) by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson, Rethinking Schools Press; "Stolen Lives: Killed By Law Enforecement" (1999) by the Stolen Lives Project, October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation; "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and the Truth about Global Corruption" (2007) by John Perkins, Penguin Group; "The Secret World Of Money" (1996) by Andrew Gause, SDL Press; OTHER RECOMMENDED BOOKS NOT MENTIONED IN MAAT- "The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature" (2003) by Matt Ridley, Harper Perennial; "Beyond Einstein: The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe" (1995) by Michio Kaku and Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Anchor; "Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and the 10th Dimension" (1995) by Michio Kaku, Anchor; "Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos" (2006) by Michio Kaku, Anchor; "Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel" (2009) by Michio Kaku, Anchor; "Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century" (1998) by Michio Kaku, Anchor.

Who would you like to play you in the movie of your life? Who would probably get the part instead? I would play my adult self and Jaden Smith would play part of my childhood.

One thing about Seattle I would never change is: Sunny, spring, Saturday, sunrise, with all the day's anticipation of Seattle features to enjoy.

One movie everyone should see is: Other than "Back Door Sluts 9," there is no one movie that everyone should see. How could there be? One size does not fit all (as plainly seen in "Back Door Sluts 9"). However "Revenge of the Sith" certainly kicks ass. So does "Forbidden Planet". Also "Fists of Fury" (aka "Chinese Connection") and "Enter the Dragon" and a bunch of other movies for various reasons (such as "The Spook Who Sat Next to the Door," "Wag the Dog," "Shooter," *"Obedience,"* "An Inconvenient Truth," "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Food Inc.," and "The Siege," a movie from 1998 that reveals what people in the know had already known pertaining to the dramatic change in social conditions that have post-dated 9/11).

What bands do you always find yourself talking shit about? Well the band Moop for one. They haven't come out with anything in years. All they ever do is strike in protest of various lost causes. I can't even remember a song they've done. Then there's Fingerbang. I can't stand that bitch Wendy. I hate her almost as much as I hate that bitch Marge Simpson...almost. Fingerbang would be a hell of a lot better without her. Another band I talk shit about is Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld. I think Skyler is a real asshole and ought to be left in a ditch somewhere. Timmy needs to just go solo and leave those losers behind. Yeah, I said it, LOSERS! They're just holding him back and stifling his creative genius. Timmy needs to be free to soar to the heights that only his natural born talent can achieve and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Free Timmy! Timaaayyyy!!! Finally, there's Faith + 1. Admittedly, despite not being too fond of that little punk Butters, I only talk shit about them because I'm really jealous of their great success. Eric Cartman has done a fantastic job in leading them to fame and fortune. But, like Skyler, Eric is an asshole too. If it weren't for his genius, I'd suggest leaving him somewhere in a ditch as well. However, as much shit as I find myself talking about all of these new bands, they're not nearly as bad as the old school bands from back in the day. I mean folks like Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm lip syncing songs like "Open Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In". How fake was that?! Now we know where Milli Vanilli got their inspiration. Then there's Rock Roll with "The Bedrock Twitch," nothing more than a drug addict singing about having the shakes. Of course, this was no worse than Witchiepoo singing about rhymes for oranges. I swear, her and H.R. Pufnstuf were just on one acid trip after another. Yet the most shameful old school artist of all was Jet Screamer with his "Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah" supposedly meaning "I Love You" though anyone can count the words to see that there's just no way that some five word phrase corresponded to a simple three word expression. Who did he think he was fooling? It's no wonder that he and Rock Roll had such short lived careers. I even heard that Jet had stolen his lyrics from some little boy. Shameful, just shameful. What kind of a future are we facing when pop singers steal lyrics from little kids? Why, it's enough to make you wanna shout!

Ever have a Jerry Springer moment minus the cameras? Well, let's see...after confronting her in a letter on New Year's Eve about her dishonesty towards me, on the afternoon of January 1, 1995, the woman who I had previously thought would become the love of my life had told me on my front porch in front of the whole neighborhood that she thought I was rude, she thought I was arrogant, and that she didn't want to have anything to do with me ever again. Does that count? If not, I've got another one. A few years ago the feds once forced their way into my home *AT-GUN-POINT* !!!WITHOUT A FUCK'N WARRANT!!! to look for any dirt they could possibly find on a former friend/business partner of mine while threatening me to be cooperative. (Where's Jerry Springer with the cameras when you really need him?)

If I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be: ...Well, I could say something naughty but even though it would be called "eating", it really wouldn't be a food, now would it? So my answer is...PIZZA! Of course, this all depends upon what exactly is meant by 'type'. Are we talking a single dish, cuisine, or what? Just like the confined space question, some of these questions are a bit ambiguous. I mean, what exactly is meant by "snorer or sleeptalker"? Is it asking if I'm a snorer or sleeptalker or which would I prefer to sleep with? I would definitely pick a sleeptalker over a snorer any day but the question doesn't specify that, now does it? And while we're at it, who the hell is "Princess Amidala"? It's either "Queen Amidala" or "Senator Amidala", not "Princess Amidala"! Somebody needs to get their facts straight! Who the hell is coming up with all these damn questions??? And why wasn't I asked about my favorite comic book or my choice between a dinner and a movie or a pizza and a rental? What's up with that??? Is it because I'm Sith? Why, I oughta...eh-uhm,...but I digress. If 'type' refers to a cuisine, then my answer is Mexitalian. ...(the nerve of them..."Princess Amidala"...why, I never...) [Okay, seeing as how this is the final "Deeper" section, this is my last chance to carry on a one sided conversation with you. So, did I achieve my objectives? Did the quotes or anything I've said provide you with a different perspective on life? Did you like the music in my voice recording or recall any of the songs I mentioned in the soundtrack of my life? Were any of the books I mentioned of interest to you? Were any of the movies? Most important of all, did I make you laugh or at least make you smile? Well then, it's all up to you now. You say you like an intelligent guy...well, folks at least tell me that I'm smart (of course this is sometimes followed by the word 'ass' but it's all good). You say you like a guy with passion...well, did you see the section on what I want to do but haven't? Was that overkill or what? You say you like a witty, humorous, guy who can make you laugh and by now you must know whether or not I'm that guy. You say you like a quirky guy who's down to earth and here I am with all my quirks and faults. I'm not a model or an ex-pornstar (really, I'm not). I'm currently not an athlete. I'm not a former physics major or a PhD but as you can see I'm real in advertising myself to a bunch of strangers in hopes of connecting with just one. So, whether or not we ever meet, I hope the mere reading of my profile will have enriched your life in some meaningful way. And with that, I would like to end this section with two questions you may already have answered in your life. 1.) When you retire from either work or business, what will have been your accomplishments? 2.) In considering global warming, the depletion of the aquifers, peak oil production, blatant superpower imperialism accompanied by growing totalitarianism, and the ever growing divide between the wealth of the corporate elites and the impoverishment of everyone else, what kind of a world do you see yourself living in upon your retirement? Always nurish that incredible smile of yours and come back every Tuesday to see what new statement the Sith Lord would like to take back for that week. Enjoy the rest of my profile.]

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are intellectual dishonesty and irresponsible harm towards others. Ignorance combined with arrogance is also unbearable as well as optimism without ambition.

Something I learned from the last person I dated is that some emotionally abused women periodically seek to use nice men for sex and affection before returning to their abusive relationships.

Design your ideal mate: the brain of an MBA and the body of a warrior-woman or Adriana Sage (without all the mileage). [Again, I've never met Adriana Sage and I'm not "Dick Thick," at least not in name ;-) ]

I want to make a t-shirt that says In Effect! (Actually, I already did that in my very first business.) I would also like to make a women's t-shirt that says "Hey! Quit Staring At My Breasts!!!"

If I could take back one thing I said this week it would be "When genocide and land-theft, ethnic subjugation and racial entitlement, are at the foundation of one's morality, every atrocity will be justified."

Something I said I'd never do but did anyway was have sex before marriage. Of course, I was young and religious then and even afterwards I remained celibate. After becoming an author and an entrepreneur, something I said I'd never do but did anyway was return to manual labor.

My picture(s) reveal that I am an Egyptian god seldom photographed. One photograph you see me in is back from 2003 at my great-uncle's centennial birthday party. Other pictures are much, much, older and reveal that I'm a writer older than the ages yet younger than the dawn.

My idea of a great date is waking up with you in my arms. This doesn't necessarily mean that we had sex. It just means that at some point you were comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms and I was comfortable enough to fall asleep with you.

The first section I turn to in the Stranger is the table of contents.

When stuck in gridlock I contemplate global conquest and upon stumbling across a brilliant idea, I look next to me on the bus to my little buddy Pinky and ask him "Pinky! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He never is.

My guiltiest pleasure is masturba...uh, I mean, masticating. I love to masticate, especially on pizza. Perhaps you could join me for dinner and we could go out in public and masticate together. C'mon, you know you want to. Everybody does it (except people without teeth).

Great sex calls for lots of you, me, BBQ Sauce, and a film crew ;-) But really, lasting sensuous attention and open communication combined with animalistic abandon are great ingredients for a truly ecstatic experience (even more so when you're actually with someone).

I know they say "Everybody has sex again ", but I never have.

The quickest way to my heart is intellect and compassion. The quickest way to my bed is to have a sexually aggressive attitude that never even gets us to the bed. And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked scrambled with cheese and given to the crows so we can continue masticating on the previous evening's unfinished large thick crust pizza of extra cheese, pineapples, and olives.

A fault my friends tease me about is my silence although it's not really a fault and no one actually teases me about it. However, it has been said that I'm disturbingly honest.

The last show I saw was The Soul Shop hosted by 6 Deep. If you like live music and poetry, or would like to showcase your own talent, I highly recommend it. You can catch him at the Flava Coffee House every Friday night at 20:00. You can even masticate while watching.

One night stands can be something I may have to try someday, especially if you're just looking for some action. After all, as you can plainly see, I've got a large beak and I know how to use it (hint, hint).

Talk about irony: I am a freedom loving person who has never been to jail yet am imprisoned by the circumstances of my current life as a recluse. It's time for a prison break. Will you help liberate me?

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm trying to get off the internet so I can go do other things (like masticate). Either that or I'm at my current job keeping things secure at a very big building downtown.

The last time I made an ass out of myself, I replied to a Lovelab woman on Queen Anne about a message in my profile I wrote "for all of you gorgeous women on Capitol Hill."

When I die, I believe I will go 'poof' with a residue of chiming, sparkling, pixie dust falling to the ground only to continue on forever in an infinite number of parallel universes.

One sport I will never get is naked twister. No matter how many times I play it, I just don't... wait a minute... Oh, now I get it! I'm supposed to play it with somebody else! Now that makes sense! So, would you like to join me for a game or two?

Something people keep buying me for gifts and I never use is nothing. People don't buy me gifts. I'm not pagan (or theistic) so I don't celebrate Christmas and I haven't celebrated my birthday since the age of 20, nor will I until there's someone special in my life who'd like to celebrate it.

Michael Jackson was someone whose talent had charmed my life since childhood and whose brilliance shall forever remain a beacon of inspiration to all generations. Too bad he died childless. (Yeah, I said it. Somebody had to.)

For delicious results, add one part purified water and mix it with one part organic apple/orange juice. Here's another one. Add one big scoop of vanilla ice cream and mix with one pot of hot black coffee. Or add one part peanut butter and mix with one part chocolate...nah, that would NEVER work. What was I thinking?

When I was a kid, I actually owned a couple of ducks, a hen, a small dog, a chemistry set, an electrician's toolbelt, an electronics kit, a portable tv, a camera, a minibike, stilts, a recliner, martial arts clothing, and a black Member's Only jacket with the word 'NINJA' on the back.

In and Out

Starbucks or Victrola

Blaire or Jo

White meat or Dark Meat

Electric or Acoustic

Early Bird or Night Owl

Princess Leia or Princess Amidala

Cowboy or Indian

Black or Cream and Sugar

Snorer or Sleeptalker

Surf or Snow

Fremont or Capitol Hill

Tent or Hotel

Library Card or Amazon

New York or L.A.

Ballard or West Seattle

Beatles or Stones

Kittens or Puppies

Barsuk or Fantagraphics

Ocean or Lake

Vampire or Zombie

Trusty Scarf or Testy Poncho

Thongs or Boy Briefs

Elliot Bay or Amazon

Pinball or Pool

Casket or Cremation

Vinyl or MP3

Bath or Shower

Scarecrow or Hollywood

Talk or Action

Bring it On or Stomp The Yard

Crunchy or Smooth

Murphy's Law or Karma

Bike or Bus

I-5 or Aurora


Current Status
Looking for
Friends, Friends with benefits, Some Action, Long-term Relationship
Body Type
5' 10"
Hair Type
Woman for Dating , Woman for Friendship


College graduate - Philosophy / Psychology / Comparative Religion, Life-long Electrical work experience
African American / Native American
Reason (applied for the Prevention of Unnecessary Misfortune).
Political Leanings
Jhuty (i.e. Liberty / Justice: Anti-Occupation / Anti-Exploitation / Pro-Indigenous Sovereignty)
Capitol Hill (Miller Playfield Area)
The Occupied Territory of the Duwamish Nation
Author / Biblical Scholar / Investor / Security / Liberator / World Conquering Dark Lord of the Sith
Have Children
"Ah did not have sexual relations with that woman!"
Want Children
Yes, Oh God Yes! Please be my baby's momma. PLEASE!


Never, although once when I was 20, I put a lit cigarette up to my lips "BUT I DID NOT INHALE. "
I quit social drinking when I turned 21 and drinking altogether by the time I was 26.
Never, although I am an information junkie. Gotta have my daily fix or I'll start ta jones.


I get around town via
Public Transportation, Walk, Once in a while offered a ride.
My dietary preferences are
Mostly Organic Vegetarian Kosher Conscious Omnivore
I spend my free time
Reading, Creating, Researching, Writing, Thinking, Planning, Thinking, Planning, Thinking, Planning, I'm in prison.
Funniest Thing
The Milgram Experiment, Red Dwarf, Al Bundy, Who's On First, Cheeses Christ - The Cheese Messiah.
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Ads from Girls seeking Girls
Ads from Boys seeking Girls
Ads from Boys seeking Boys
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