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Too Fly Not To Fly

I'm looking for a passionate connection...I've lived in a few spots-Wisconsin, Denver, Boston & overseas. Seattle, however, is very much home & has been for a while. I'm a Social Worker & like to think that work reflects much of who I am. I smile & laugh easily, need live music but will rarely argue with you about wanting to spend a night in making dinner and keeping warm. I like to run, play volleyball, see plays, explore art, travel, backpack & enjoy heading out to dinner or a happy hour. I'm looking for someone relaxed yet passionate; liberal & open-minded. A woman I can make smile and can do the same for me.


What is something that people are surprised to find out about you? I was in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea.

If you could have a dinner party and invite any 4 people, dead or alive, who'd be coming? Erykah Badu, Jerry Seinfeld, JFK & Willie Nelson.

Where do you like to hang out? The Oak, Tippe & Drague, Royal Room.

My radio dial is usually tuned to: KEXP

If I could change one thing about Seattle, it would be: People would walk up and down escalators if they're able-bodied. And not be so damn complicit with this crazy jaywalking taboo. And all coffee shops would be required to serve actual coffee & not just espresso.

One book everyone should read is: "The Classic Slave Narratives"

One movie everyone should see is: When the Levees Broke

Fill It

I consider myself an open-minded person, but my deal breakers are racism and arrogance. Spitefulness sucks too.

Something I learned from the last person I dated is mindfulness.

I want to make a t-shirt that says Social Workers do it better...

Design your ideal mate: the brain of someone conscious & insightful and the body of someone confident & sexy.

Something I said I'd never do but did anyway was try dating someone who lives in a different city.

My guiltiest pleasure is late night cookies.

The first section I turn to in the Stranger is music-up & coming.

When stuck in gridlock I browse my CD's (yes, I'm old school!)

The last show I saw was Damian & Stephen Marley

The quickest way to my heart is looking me in the eyes & showing genuine interest. The quickest way to my bed is to be open with your feelings & get close to me. And in the morning, I like my eggs cooked -no eggs; just black coffee & something sweet.

It's Sunday morning at 10 a.m. If I'm not still sleeping, I'm drinking coffee & listening to jazz. Or maybe running.

When I die, I believe I will go peacefully & contentedly.

For delicious results, add one part herb and mix it with one part passion.

Michael Jackson was brilliant yet troubled.

I wouldn't sell my music collection for a billion dollars.

In and Out

Starbucks or Victrola

PBR or Red Hook

White meat or Dark Meat

Cowboy or Indian

Black or Cream and Sugar

New York or L.A.

Library Card or Amazon

Beatles or Stones

Kittens or Puppies

Bath or Shower

Casket or Cremation

Scarecrow or Hollywood

Murphy's Law or Karma

I-5 or Aurora


Current Status
Looking for
Friends, Friends with benefits, Some Action, Casual Dating, Long-term Relationship
Body Type
6' 02"
Hair Type
Woman for Dating , Woman for Friendship


Grad degree
Political Leanings
Far Left, Hard Left, Leftie, Liberal
Beacon Hill
Social Worker
Have Children
Want Children
Not Sure


Not cigarettes, get it?


I get around town via
Car, Public Transportation, Walk
My dietary preferences are
Conscious Omnivore
I spend my free time
Reading, Sex, Drinking, Playing sports, Working out, Watching movies, Dining out, Sleeping, Communing with nature
Funniest Thing
An elderly lady literally blowing over in the wind (uninjured)
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