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27 year old Woman

Seeks a Man or Woman for Friendship

Last active: within 2 months
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Connecting Dots

If I send you a flirt... means I think your cool and want to be your friend. (And I'm too cheap to buy the ability to email you)

My ability to choose friends is questionable... i need to find a truly awesome laid back friends.. and more and more i am realizing I just need more friends. new friends.

Someone I can call last second to coming on a mini adventure with me to get food or watch a movie.

Pick-Up lines are my weakness, i love them soo much even just to hear

I come from a small small town where everyone knows your names and life story....i am a jack of all trades; i can fix it, create it, figure it out.
I am addicted to the simple things in life... office supplies, french fries, being cynical and quoting, street hotdogs...

"remember that one time...?" no but i would love to hear about it, and laugh.

I want to talk talk talk, listen listen listen, watch watch watch, and then take a wander somewhere familiar or new.... just enjoy not HAVING to do anything.

YET having someone to enjoy errands with.

I try to be cool in a low maintenance way.

it would be soo completely rad if i found a great super friend.

your job would be:
-going to plays... good, bad, odd, questionable...
-its a bonus if you can give me a piggie back ride.
-hugs have to be at least somewhat okay
-never a dull moment
-coming up with "amazing" ideas that we might later thinks is stupid and laugh
-talk me into something or out of it if really needed
-let me tell you your boyfriend or girlfriend is awesome or stupid
-watch hella movies
-go somewhere with me and pretend
-kill time
-let me come over to bitch and clean your apartment
-be the sibling i never had
thats just the beginning... you must prove the rest.
( but in all honesty, i want you to just be you....) best is saved for late night eats, walks, laughter,...
I feel like my life is one huge connect the dots with missing instructions; Doesn’t make anything now and I am not sure where its going. But in the end the big picture will appear.

mmmm wine.

I save half the world in my head.

I listen.

I don't ever sleep. so lets chat.

I make a lot of movie or entertainment references/quotes.

I don't look my age, but I enjoy just having crazy "young" fun mixed with my "old" soul.

Lets put the EAT in SEATTLE.

Lets watched the classics, the odd, the funny, and everything in between. MOVIE are my weakness....

I want someone I can laugh with, wander around or just sit for hours, someone up for random fun or an adventure....
pictures, music, cooking, cleaning....

Someone I can be honest with and tell them they need to throw something out or are being stupid....and vise versa.

I desperately want to do a food challenge of some sort...

In and Out

PBR or Red Hook

White meat or Dark Meat

Electric or Acoustic

Early Bird or Night Owl

Surf or Snow

New York or L.A.

Ballard or West Seattle

iPhone or Android

Kittens or Puppies

Pinball or Pool

Trusty Scarf or Testy Poncho

Bath or Shower


Body Type
Average, Petite, Height / Weight proportionate
5' 0"
Hair Type
Man or Woman for Friendship


alittle bit of everything...
Have Children


I have been known to
do what you want....i'm cool though


I get around town via
Car, Public Transportation, Walk
My dietary preferences are
I spend my free time
Sex, Creating, Drinking, Watching movies, Dining out, Sleeping, everything inbetween
Funniest Thing
Goats screaming like humans and Nick Offerman break dancing
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